You don’t get to be a trusted name in urban landscape management for close to 55 years without earning your stripes along the way. Our teams put every ounce of expertise gained from our diverse portfolio of projects into the work we do for you.

Integrated Services

There’s more to us than just pretty landscapes. Our experts, advisors and large field crew bring a wealth of knowledge and credibility to the table across horticulture, arboriculture, agronomy, urban planning and landscape architecture. Consider your needs covered.

Consistent Partnerships

Our work goes well beyond the field. Partnering with us from the word “go” means collaborating every step of the way to ensure predictable expenditures over time, allowing you to avoid large spikes in your grounds management operating costs.

Why let Strathmore manage your sites?

Bravo to the entire Strathmore team for this great success. With your expertise and passion for good work, you have brought a high quality to the exterior landscaping unheard of in our 40-year history at Complexe Desjardins.

Jean Ruest

You emanate a very professional image and I personally appreciate your efforts to respect the environment!

Joseph Pincin

We have received numerous positive comments from our clients about our exterior landscape! For us, it's important that clients feel welcomed and revisit our property regularly.

Lina Séguin

Be part of our team!

Looking to build a career as part of a team you're proud of? Do you have a plan for your Green-Industry career and just haven't found the right company to do it with yet? Are you passionate about our industry and eager to work with a dynamic team? Are you a potential supplier with a good idea to pitch us? Drop us a line!

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