We’re looking for qualified sub-contractor to join our network.

Partnership is one of Strathmore’s most fundamental tenets, whether it’s with customers, property managers or other companies. When we align ourselves with outside sub-contractors, we work only with those who adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and those who hold themselves accountable for getting each job done right.

We aim to provide our customers with one streamlined source of equipment and services to make their lives simpler and our collective work more effective.

When your company partners with us, you benefit by:

  • Taking on new contracts and providing your services to larger clients.
    Broadening your range of projects to every service (landscape, snow and ice, horticulture and arboriculture, etc.) and every category (urban, rural, commercial, residential, institutional, etc.) we provide.
  • Putting your equipment together with ours to meet each other’s clients’ needs.
  • Working with a leader in the community and becoming part of our extended team.
  • Collaborating with and learning from some of the most experienced urban landscapers, designers and horticulturalists, among others, that our industry has to offer.
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  • By and Between

    Strathmore Landscape Contractors (1997) Ltd

    A Canadian Corporation and hereinafter referred to as “Sub-contractor”

    THIS AGREEMENT is made this _ day of _____ 2018 by and between Strathmore Landscape Contractors (1997) Ltd, Hereinafter referred to as “Contractor” and hereinafter referred to as “Sub-contractor”

    WHEREAS, Contractor is engaged in, among other things, the sale of a wide variety of grounds maintenance, parking lot maintenance, snow and ice control management, (hereinafter referred to as”The Business”); and all related services.

    WHEREAS, In the conduct and course of such business, Contractor subs work to individual Sub-contractors to perform a wide variety of functions, tasks and duties.

    WHEREAS, Contractor has agreed to release information to new Sub-contractor for bidding purposes with the hope of forming a professional partnership for future work as contracts are awarded.

    Sub-contractor, agrees to bid work directly to contractor utilizing contractors bid forms, and will not solicit any open bidding directly or indirectly from any potential client whose information has been given to Sub-contractor by Contractor.

    MADE AND EXECUTED in Quebec on the date first above written by the undersigned parties intending to be legally bound hereby.

    Contractor: Strathmore Landscape Contractors (1997) Ltd

    Address: 2288 rue de Cannes-Brûlées, Lasalle, QC H8N 2Z2

    Name: Danny Milligan

    Title: President

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