We’re looking for qualified sub-contractors to join our network.

Partnership is one of Strathmore’s most fundamental tenets, whether it’s with customers, property managers or other companies. When we align ourselves with outside sub-contractors, we work only with those who adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and those who hold themselves accountable for getting each job done right.

We aim to provide our customers with one streamlined source of equipment and services to make their lives simpler and our collective work more effective.

When your company partners with us, you benefit by:

  • Taking on new contracts and providing your services to larger clients.
    Broadening your range of projects to every service (landscape, snow and ice, horticulture and arboriculture, etc.) and every category (urban, rural, commercial, residential, institutional, etc.) we provide.
  • Putting your equipment together with ours to meet each other’s clients’ needs.
  • Working with a leader in the community and becoming part of our extended team.
  • Collaborating with and learning from some of the most experienced urban landscapers, designers and horticulturalists, among others, that our industry has to offer.
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