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  • The full gamut of lawn care (mowing, aeration, dethatching, topdressing, overseeding, organic pest management, lawn treatments, etc.)
  • Tree and shrub pruning
  • Integrated pest management
  • Annual flower maintenance and plant fertilization
  • Watering and irrigation management
  • Composting and mulching
  • Spring cleanup, fall cleanup and winter protection


  • Annual flower planting and seasonal colour management
  • Garden edging and tree circles
  • Other landscaping projects (new gardens, garden renovation, paving stone, patios, flower mosaics, etc.)


  • Special events (promotional day, advertising, etc.)
  • Emergency work (excavation, pruning, etc.)




  • At the base of this 34-story skyscraper in downtown Montreal is a secret garden designed by the renowned Canadian landscape architect, Ron Williams. The courtyard garden is a rare contemplation area and idyllic lunch haven for office workers with lush vegetation and songbirds nestled between the historic Christ Church Cathedral and the architecturally renowned KPMG Tower.
  • A complex downtown user group of office tenants, tourists and homeless population poses an ongoing maintenance challenge in terms of the safe disposal of dangerous items and growth management for adequate visibility to ensure safety and reduce the opportunity for hiding spots.
  • Since the construction of the tower, the glass on the south side of the building has created a unique microclimate for this courtyard, with temperatures higher than the surrounding streetscape. Because of this, a bundle of mature Crabapple trees bloom each spring offering shade to the benches where users eat lunch. However, the mature trees extensive roots systems have gone into the drains of the custom tree wells and caused damage to underground drainage over time.
  • The courtyard sits atop an underground shopping centre, Promenades Cathedrale, which also connects to the Metro system. This reality results in several extra challenges to the garden above, including limited soil depth and caution for water infiltration as it is completely built on a concrete slab.


  • Strathmore’s multidisciplinary team of expert landscape management professionals in horticultural design and maintenance, landscape contracting and arboriculture have ensured the high-standard upkeep of this prestigious and rare site with a horticultural maintenance contract which includes a seasonal tulip showcase and multiple visits per week.
  • Throughout the years, Strathmore’s team of landscape designers have had to redesign and modify certain groupings of plantings in order to promote visibility for increased safety on site. In addition, our team is trained for safe disposal of needles and syringes.
  • Our certified arborists have extended the lifespan of the mature tree canopy through a phased replacement approach for the Crabapple trees and specialized rejuvenation pruning.


  • 2012 Landscape Ontario Award for Design & Maintenance
  • For over 28 years, this unique secret garden has continued to flourish and appreciate in value – a key benefit of the long-term involvement of a professional landscape company.
  • Every two years, 15,000 tulips are planted by Strathmore’s teams, the largest commercial tulip installation in Montreal, attracting tourists and downtown office workers alike. Daily guided tours of the premise conclude in the garden.


NCC Rideau Canal


  • As a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Canada’s most beautiful and historic locations, Strathmore was honoured to partner with the National Capital Commission (NCC) for the comprehensive site management of the Rideau Canal Corridor in Ottawa.
  • The scale of the mandate which includes the planting, horticultural maintenance, lawn care, waste removal, arboriculture, civil trades, snow removal and deicing services in combination with the sheer amount of public users of the site made safety and sanitation a key priority interwoven with a challenging heritage approval process.


  • In year one of the contract, one of Strathmore’s expert certified arborists did a level 1 tree assessment along the entire canal corridor in order to assess tree health and public safety risk on important specimen trees. Three qualified opinions were given before any tree take-downs were performed.
  • Strathmore set up a 24/7 emergency response unit, in collaboration with a local arboriculture team, for trees or branches that have fallen and pose immediate public risk
  • Strathmore staff horticulturalists at crew member position to not only ensure that all flowers, tulips, shrubs and grass are upkept but also the condition of highly used bike paths to mitigate path encroachment as a safety measure.


  • Strathmore planted 285,000 tulip bulbs in autumn 2018 and maintained the grounds for the world famous Tulip Festival 2019 which attracted over 650,000 visitors.
  • In keeping with the company’s value of taking ownership of their sites, Strathmore saw an opportunity for process improvement concerning waste disposal. In year one of the festival, 1,300 yards of waste was collected and disposed of. In year two, Strathmore put an extensive waste sorting program in place resulting in the recycling of 30 yards of waste, equivalent to 3 truckloads!
  • 65,000 annual flowers were planted in 2019.

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