Sand Cleaning

The benefits of maleo’s sand machine

Maleo is a unique sand machine. It is the only machine able to sift, separate, disinfect and level sand up to 14 inches deep. Maleo is specifically designed for weed control and sand maintenance.

Safety First

Did you know that in parks throughout Quebec, 75% of the injuries that occur are caused by falls? At Maleo we designed a sand machine capable of handling safety problems. Seeing Maleo’s machine separates the sand, it swells and resumes its role as shock absorber to help limit injuries caused by a fall. Unlike the traditional method, our unique and innovative machine digs sand uniformly more than 14 inches deep, which allows to maintain a level of safe shock absorption for a prolonged period.

Eliminating Couch Grass / Quak Grass and Weeds

To dig up couch grass and weeds effectively, it is recommended to dig to a depth of more than 10 inches, which is manually impossible. Maleo is able to weed at a depth of more than 14 inches effectively controlling weed and couch grass.

Sand Treatment

In-depth processing of the sand machine removes unwanted objects such as pieces of glass, rocks or metal debris to ensure the safety of all users.

Economic Solution

Treating the sand is much more economical than replacing it in its entirety. In addition, Maleo’s sand machine has a very sophisticated sieving system that sifts 99.9% of the sand without removing it.

Respect of Facilities

Maleo’s sand machine has been designed to guarantee upholding your facilities. Maleo operates without deteriorating and damaging borders and the lawn around the parks or playgrounds. Maleo passes only twice on the edge / lawn, one to get the machine in and the other to get it out.

Our sand cleaner park service includes the processing and conditioning of all kinds of sand surfaces:

•   Playgrounds for children.
•   Baseball and volleyball fields.
•   Parks and sandboxes.
•   Any other kind of sand surface.

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