Sustainable Practices

Making the world a better place now and for future generations.

“[I] wanted to congratulate you on showing leadership in corporate sustainability. With the growth of certifications such as LEED and BOMA BESt, it’s encouraging to see firms like yours champion the essence of these certifications: sustainability”

– Elliot Hickey, LEED AP, Sustainability Consultant, BLJC

Our extensive field-experience enables us to innovate in terms of solutions that positively address environmental shifts which are affecting our built environment. In 2011, we launched the first Zero Emission maintenance team in Quebec; we currently operate two of these teams in downtown Montreal. These teams use no gas-powered equipment; including 100% electric trucks and lithium-ion battery powered tools. Strathmore was the first in Canada to purchase a commercial-grade electric lawn tractor and our landscape design, horticultural maintenance and snow removal techniques are in alignment with LEED, BOMA BEST and SITES recommendations.

Furthermore, Montreal’s Urban Tree Canopy has been improved significantly by Strathmore’s extensive urban tree planting and Emerald Ash Borer treatment projects. In 2016 alone, Strathmore planted and treated over 5,000 city-owned trees. Additionally, Strathmore has developed a specialization in the design and installation of ornamental vegetable gardens, our form of urban agriculture that gives back to the community.

In office, we strive to design resilient projects using principles of species diversity and native or adapted vegetation all while enabling a durable interplay between living and inert materials. We also work in close collaboration with property managers to assist with credit-compliance towards the certification process of various sustainable building rating systems.

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