Crew Leader-Snow Removal


Job Description

Job Summary: The Snow Technician, Crew Leader manages all manual snow and ice control activities on the job site in accordance with pre-established work schedules, specifications, procedures, and standards of quality.

Major Responsibilities:

– You must have reliable transportation, which is maintained in good condition and is available to you at all times for your transportation to and from work.

– You must be able to report to work within 45 minutes after being contacted.

– You must have a valid driver’s license, and if it is revoked or suspended for any reason you must notify us at once.

– You may be asked to pass a drug test at any point during the employment contract.

– You must be available 24 hours a day, all days including holidays.

– You will be responsible for documenting all time and material by property as well as documenting activities as they occur.

– You may be asked to operate machinery or supervise a team as per Strathmore’s standards.

– You must ensure that we have accurate contact info for you at all times and that your phone is charged.


  • To plan, organize, motivate and control resources (personnel, equipment, facilities and materials) made available to employees to accomplish the service responsibilities assigned.
  • To achieve the highest degree of quality production at practical economic minimum.
  • To develop innovations to improve performance and quality.
  • To take corrective action within the limits of delegated authority.
  • To keep informed of current industry developments and trends.
  • To promote the Company’s integrity, reputation, product and service.
  • To maintain compliance with all laws, regulations and agreements.
  • To encourage the development of individuals for greater responsibilities.
  • To conduct all operations in a safe and secure manner consistent with the safety standards of the Company

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $20.00 to $25.00 /hour

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