We’ve branched out!

Botanica, which has served Montreal and surrounding areas since 1994, has become Botanica Strathmore Arboriculture!

The name might’ve changed, but we still put every ounce of our 20 years of expertise into providing you with expert tree care, whether your project is residential, commercial, industrial or municipal.

Over the years, we’ve built a reputation for superior results and great customer service. We also offer the highest level of quality and strictly adhere to International Society of Arboriculture standards.

  • Emergency Tree Service
  • Preventative Tree Service
  • Tree Health Care

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Right away, I appreciated the fact that you knew what you were doing and it immediately instilled confidence. Your passion and professionalism are obvious, and we got to experience them first-hand when you shared your knowledge and your advice with generosity, answering all of our questions and advising us on what to do next.

Régis Demers

Your team came over today to prune my maple tree. I was impressed by their professionalism, their attention to safety and the excellence of their work. Thanks for taking the time to discuss maple trees with my wife and me, and for cutting a few branches off my lilac.

Charles E Bertrand

Do you want your hedges to look like something out of a magazine? Hire Botanica; they will make it happen for you! Top notch & impeccable work! Beyond what I imagined a perfectly manicured yard could look like. My hedges are two stories high and Brian’s crew made them look as smooth as butter. Their eye for detail is incredible, they are true experts and professional and they go above-&-beyond to do the extras that are so appreciated. Thanks guys! I so strongly recommend them to everyone who takes pride in their property!

Suzanne Hill