Emergency Service Call in TMR

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8am: Our Arboriculture division, Strathmore Arboriculture, gets a call from a resident in TMR who’s huge Ash tree had fallen on a neighbour’s house due to the strong winds from the night before.

9am: Our Account Manager, Brian, is on site to assess the situation. A city inspector was called-in to approve the job as an emergency essential service.

11am: A Strathmore Arboriculture crew led by an ISA-certified arborist arrives to start working on securing the surroundings and preparing for the crane to arrive.

12:30pm: The 50-tonne crane starts to lift the 6,500 lbs tree off of the house.

4:30 pm: The job is completed, cleaned up and Strathmore Arboriculture is ready for the next call!