We reward exceptional talent for the work they do every day.


We pay well. In keeping with our value of being proactive, we review our Team Members every year and when they make significant personal improvements. On average, our crew has the potential to receive a 7%-10% annual increase – and even more if they take advantage of the programs we offer!

In Quebec, it is mandatory to pay overtime for all hours worked over 40. We do not bank overtime, we don’t pay cash, we don’t pay excess hours at stratight time. Our team is paid overtime as per the law, 1.5 times hourly salary for all hours over 40 for each pay period they earn it.

Paid Time Off
We offer paid time-off that for all Team Members – seasonal and permanent. Even in the summer all our teams get a week off! The money in the account belongs to you as soon as you accrue it. You earned it.

Retirement Plan
We encourage our team to prepare for retirement. Strathmore will match 50% of contributions (to a maximum) to eligible Team Members allowing contributors to save pre-tax dollars towards their own retirement. You are making an investment in us—we are making an investment in and for you.

Medical Benefits
We offer medical, para-medical and dental plans to eligible Team Members. So you can enjoy a massage to work out your kinks after a long day of work.

Long-Term Disability
Eligible Team Members can enroll in long-term Disability plans that can help protect them if they develop a disability and can’t work for an extended period of time.

Basic Life Insurance
All eligible Team Members receive Life Insurance in a coverage amount equal to their annual salary.

We promote based on performance, which means passion and dedication determines growth – 80% of our Management started in the field.

Strathmore cares about both the minds and bodies of its Team Members. Throughout the year we offer on-site yoga classes so Team Members can set and easily maintain health goals.


Extensive training and career development so you can achieve your professional goals.

DEP in Horticulture
We know that many people may decide to pursue a career in horticulture after they have been out of school for a long time. Strathmore partners with the New Frontier School Board to offer the RAC program, allowing Team Members to achieve their diploma while they work.

Becoming a good landscaper or gardener happens in the field. Strathmore knows the value of mentoring and cross-training. We work with the government of Quebec and in-house to obtain certification of our Team Members professional qualifications.

Movement Around the Company
We prioritize promoting from within and encourage movement around the company to increase skills and company knowledge.

Tuition Support
Strathmore provides Team Members opportunities for professional development, continuing education, and skills training. Full-time Team Members may be eligible for support to obtain training in related or complementary fields.

Days in the Field
Days in the field allow Team Members to spend time in a department of interest and get an idea for which direction they would like to steer their Strathmore career path.