our values

Because it’s impossible to work hard without a solid backbone.

Safe and Smart

At Strathmore, working safely and smartly is paramount to doing each job well. We do everything in our power to ensure all tasks are completed in accordance with government regulations — from pre-employment training to third-party audits, we use every tool at our disposal to fully respect all safety standards.

To us, working safe means:

  • Having a safety-first mentality from the outset.
  • Stopping to ask oneself “is this the safe way to complete this task?”
  • Developing one’s awareness through safety talks and training.

Meanwhile, working smarter means:

  • Using the right tools or equipment for the job.
  • Doing a job well the first time, so it doesn’t have to be redone.
  • Asking as many questions as possible to find the best way to the root of a problem.

Integrity and Trust

Strathmore takes great pride in doing exactly what we say we’ll do. Honesty and reliability is standard for all team members — and that starts at the top with our leadership team. Because the foundation of our company is only as strong as the long-term relationships we build and the investments we make in our clients.

Trust means keeping our promises to each other, admitting when something is an impossibility, and affording the same respect to coworkers, clients, and suppliers. In short, trust means not letting each other down.

Integrity means saying no to dishonest practices like cash payments, collusion, or cheating on specs. It’s all about doing the right thing and not taking the easy way out.


We believe in presenting clients with solutions, not problems. That’s why every team member is encouraged to spot a potential problem and fix it.

Having a positive attitude means being able to find the benefits and silver linings in any situation. It means learning from mistakes, not repeating them. Above all, having a positive attitude means expecting the best of yourself and encouraging each other to do better.


Strathmore team members are constantly challenging themselves to be open to learning and improvement. Without question, it improves our company as a whole.

Professionalism means placing a high value on training. It means seeking out and embracing innovations. It means timeliness, organization, and dedication. To inspire others by being purpose-driven and engaged.


We seek to add value to each interaction we have with others. We treat each property as if it were our own. We never advise a client to do anything that is not in their or their property’s best interest. It’s as simple as that.

Respect means treating each person we deal with as we would want to be treated. The client always comes first. It might be cliché, but it’s cliché for a reason. Respect means being worthy of our clients’ trust by doing the best job within our capability.

Respect means professional pride in operational excellence. High standards are their own reward.

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