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Meet your experts. We’re more than a bunch of pretty faces.

There’s more to us than just pretty landscapes. Our experts, advisors and large field crew bring a wealth of knowledge and credibility to the table across horticulture, arboriculture, agronomy, urban planning and landscape architecture. Consider your needs covered.

  • Jessica Milligan
    Jessica Milligan Vice-President
  • Danny Milligan
    Danny Milligan President
  • Gordon Milligan
    Gordon Milligan Vice-President
  • Conor Milligan
    Conor Milligan Director of Finance and Administration
  • Jamie Lee Wilt
    Jamie Lee Wilt Director - Operations
  • Jonathan de Souza
    Jonathan de Souza Senior Account Manager
  • Andrew Scotland
    Andrew Scotland Branch Manager Ottawa
  • Stéphanie Houle
    Stéphanie Houle Account Manager
  • Éric-Michel Lee
    Éric-Michel Lee Account Manager
  • Mihai-Razvan Dinu
    Mihai-Razvan Dinu Landscape architect + estimator
  • Alex Lavigne
    Alex Lavigne Account Manager
  • Mark Mieleszko
    Mark Mieleszko Field Supervisor - Mowing and Snow Removal
  • MJ Baltazar
    MJ Baltazar AR Manager
  • Glenda Simon
    Glenda Simon Accountant
  • Sharon Bercovitz
    Sharon Bercovitz Comptroller
  • Sergiu Galitchi
    Sergiu Galitchi Projects Supervisor
  • Yara Kfouri
    Yara Kfouri Assistant Account Manager
  • Nathalie Lagden
    Nathalie Lagden Designer + Marketing Coordinator
  • Andreea Raducu-Lefter
    Andreea Raducu-Lefter Account Manager
  • Adam Gibb
    Adam Gibb Fleet Manager
  • Amélie Gauthier
    Amélie Gauthier Special Projects Manager
  • Benoit Dulude
    Benoit Dulude Project Manager
  • Amir Khoury
    Amir Khoury Culture and Talent Manager

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